Patricia Kincaid

“I don’t feel the coaching profession is something that I’ve chosen to do, I believe it chose me.”

Patty brings to the coaching relationship, 30 years of hands-on experience and an unerring instinct for creating a productive environment for transforming leaders in all-size companies.   Her career path includes sales, management, consulting, national public speaking and training in all aspects of business development and leadership excellence.  These experiences have given her a perspective on change that can be useful to others.  As a coach and consultant, she has worked with executives at all levels, helping create individual and corporate success.

Her interest lies in working with executives who are in “transition” — transition that they are creating for themselves or perhaps transitions that are happening around them with their employers or their team.  At the executive level, many times working through the fear and challenges of adapting to change is not something that is openly discussed and solutions are harder to see.

“I believe in conscientious listening, sincere collaboration and helping executives who are in transition remove the roadblocks standing in their way to personal and professional growth.”

Patty’s background includes serving as a professional trainer for Greenwood Performance Systems and Wilson Learning Systems and facilitator for the Leadership Institute.  She has tenure as VP/GM for Media Staffing Network, a national executive search and consulting firm serving the media industry.  She is a Certified Professional Coach through iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.