Marianne Gouveia

“My goal is to help my clients ease into dealing with any number of difficult life transitions. We never know what life holds for us, and having experienced many difficult transitions myself, I understand how painful and difficult it can be to maintain healthy personal and professional relationships, especially in the midst of a crises.”

As a Life Coach, and more specifically, as a Life Transitions Coach, I help people work through difficult situations. We work together to align beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and responsibilities so that you are able to clarify your own feelings and with a clear vision, we put a plan of attack in place to help you navigate rough waters.

Having spent over 25 years in executive, corporate roles, I understand how distracting a traumatic life transition can be. Whether it be a divorce, the loss of a spouse, a illness or death of a child, or a career transition, I help you creatively adapt to personal and professional change. I help you face your worries, anxieties and uncertainties so that you can re-imagine possibilities for your life. The end result: you will have the tools and plan to deal with your unique circumstances, and you will gain a better understanding of who you are so that together we can build effective strategies that will move you toward transformation of both your personal and professional lives.