Scott Paine Ph.D

“Great leadership starts with self-awareness. I am passionate about guiding leaders on their journey of self-discovery.”

Scott Paine is a respected, results-oriented organizational development professional and leadership coach with over 15 years of experience in the design and implementation of targeted solutions that increase leadership and organizational effectiveness.
Scott’s passion for understanding people fueled his early career as a counselor and mentor for adolescent youth. When working with the kids, his goal was very simple; to create more self-awareness and to help change their destructive behaviors. Behavior change brought environmental change and ultimately, their self-worth improved.
His philosophy on leadership and team effectiveness is built on a similar foundation; one that believes that achievement of successful business outcomes is heightened when individuals fully understand how their behaviors and actions can influence people and impact situational outcomes. As an internal consultant at Qualcomm, Scott worked with managers and executive teams to identify their critical business needs and align them with the goals of their businesses.
Scott’s expertise includes leading individual, team, and organization-wide performance assessments, identifying and translating specific customer needs into impactful learning solutions, and consulting with multiple leadership levels on managing complex team dynamics for continuous improvement.
Knowledge and experience aside, Scott’s keys to success have always been his inherent ability to understand and connect with leaders and teams; have difficult conversations while establishing trust; help leaders release unproductive patterns; and reframe even the toughest of discussions into something positive.
Scott earned his BA in Counseling Psychology and an MS in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Scott also holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Alliant International University.