Leslie Gargas

Committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others every day, I am the “compassionate truth-giver” – delivering insightful and actionable feedback in a voice that can be heard.

Leveraging her passions and innate ability to navigate organizational politics, Leslie achieved tremendous success in the Fortune 500 world for over 20 years. Recognized for her ability to lead and inspire individuals and teams to be and do more, Leslie built a training organization from the ground up and went on to become a sought-after Coach and Consultant in the corporate, education and entrepreneurial sectors.

Whether in the boardroom, on an airplane, in a cab, or facilitating in the classroom, Leslie has the ability to quickly create a safety zone – one in which people feel comfortable to openly share. This, combined with her ability to be fully present and hear what is and what is not being said, Leslie helps individuals and organizations see and overcome the real barriers to their success.

Leslie is a certified executive coach, holds a BS in business, a minor in psychology and is certified in DiSC®, Effective Intelligence®, Targeted Selection® and Lean. She has also completed coursework in organizational development, situational leadership, HR and training management, strategic selling and Large Account Management Process (LAMP).

Leslie’s rules to live by include: never judge a book by its cover, take time to see what lies beneath the surface, there’s no such word as can’t – you will or you won’t; you do or you don’t, and live with intentional integrity every day. This approach to life and people has enabled her to coach and inspire men and women from diverse cultures to achieve tremendous success. Two of her most rewarding experiences were coaching international MBA students at The Wharton School and facilitating Behavior Styles workshops (including 360 degree feedback) to leaders in Mumbai, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Leslie is living her dream every day helping individuals, teams and organizations define, design and achieve extraordinary values-based success.